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Huntree Newsletter September 2012
Posted: Aug 29, 2012

Yikes!  It's time for fall but we're still doing the hot and steamy thing!   The plants are smart enough to know it's time to get ready for fall.  All of a sudden leaves are turning yellow, and some even crispy.  Do not be alarmed.  It's ok.  Even though the leaves are drying up, the stems and roots will be ok as long as you keep watering.   Keep those roots moist.   Not true of evergreens, though.  Their needles should still be green.  Be sure to soak them thoroughly on a regular basis.  They cannot stand dryness like the deciduous plants can.   (We are all sick of watering, BUT WE MUST!)

Labor Day weekend is here.  We are having our annual Gardeners' Swap this Saturday.  It's fun!  Come join us!  Go through your garden shed.  Sort out what you don't want and bring it to our swap.  Bring books, pots, tools, gardening magazines, birding supplies, yard art, pink flamingoes (no chemicals or plants).  Take some treasures home in exchange.  You know.... one gardener's trash is another gardener's treasure.   Anything left over will be donated to the Master Gardeners' Wine and Harvest Festival booth, to raise funds for their volunteer projects.   People  have already brought in items - and we just know you'll want some!

If it's time to redesign your garden, call and talk to Carmen.  She can whip up a beautiful plan for you.  You'll be thrilled with the results. 

Just call  -   269-543-3761.

Mums are here.  Clean up the scraggly annuals and start fresh with a new look of bright, perky mums to last through the fall.  Just got a call from a customer who is wondering why the mums she grew this year look spindley....  Why don't they look full and bushy.  The answer is that they needed a pinching in May and another pinching in late June.  Just snip off the top set of leaves all around the mum plant.  This will make it branch out and get full, which means it will have a ton more flowers in the fall.  Remember to do that next year.  When planting mums, remember that they like sunny, well draiined soil.  They will come back next year as long as the soil doesn't stay wet in the winter.

Lawns took a beating this summer.  Normally we say lawns go dormant in drought but will recover and be great again once the drought is over.  Well, not so this year.   Grass has taken a beating.  It's coming back thin.  So you may want to reseed this September (which is the PERFECT time to sow grass seed!).  Grass sprouts best when the days are warm and the nights are cool - ahhhh September.   Be sure to apply fertilizer when spreading grass seed so the little seedlings have energy to grow great roots. The secret to success is constant moisture as the seedlings are growing. Sowing the seed and walking away will not cut it.  Ask us about our Jonathan Green super seeds. Our customers love this brand. There's even one that is drought tough - great for our sandy soils.

You'll be seeing more and more FALL WEBWORMS showing up in trees. Don't be alarmed. They will not kill your trees even though they eat the leaves (which are ready to fall off anyway).  They just make an ugly whitish web which is an impervious protection for those voracious worms. Spraying the outside with insecticide will do nothing. So don't sweat it. 

It's hard to 'THINK SPRING' right now, but our spring bulbs will be here any day now. Go out to the garden and decide where you want to see splashes of color next spring.  Then, come in and see our great selection of tulips, daffodils, crocus, allium, etc.  We'll fix you up for a riotous season. Plant in the fall for a glorious spring.

We are certifying our Children's Garden - now called the Children's Nature Safari Garden as a Monarch Butterfly Waystation. There is everything there that the Monarchs need - milkweeds and nectar sources.  You can certify your yard too. Linda Lou added several approved plants to her Monarch garden and simply went online and got her's certified .   Go to

We just got back from a trade show in Chicago and found some great new products for you!   Soon we will have some fun new items.  Wait till you see the new wall art - trees, songbirds, crows. Fun stuff!

Wishing you a wonderful fall!

Jan & the Gang


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