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Huntree's October Newsletter 2012
Posted: Oct 2, 2012

Dear Gardeners, 

We are rounding the corner.  Look at the gorgeous fall colors!  Aren't they great!  Get out and play every chance you get.  I am treasuring the sun, the clear crisp air and my changing garden. 

Looking for something fresh and exciting for fall?  Then you need Lespedeza (Bush Clover) and Campylotropis.  They are unusual shrubs with leguminous (pea like) flowers, bright purple and easy to grow in a sunny location.  

Right now the Smokebush, Amur Maple, Burning Bush, Gro Low Sumac, Tiger Eye Sumac, Blue Muffin Viburnum, and Hydrangea PG Quick Fire are screaming with great color.   Soon to follow will be Aronia, Serviceberry, Red Maples, Autumn Blaze Maple, Amsonia hubrectii.  The Anemones, fall Asters and Caryopteris are in full bloom.  Roses are in full bloom again - my faves are still Palmengarten Frankfurt and Lady Elsie May. They're putting on a great show in my yard right now! Tuck a few pumpkins here and there in your garden beds.  

Remember to plant some bulbs this fall to make you happy next spring.  You never have enough daffodils!The little Tete a tete daffs are so cute!  Plant some close up.  They'll make you smile every time you walk by.Check out our Pink Impression and Red Impression mix Tulips.  They are mid-season and have nice strong stems and great, large, showy blooms.  

We've been to our buying show and ordered lots of stuff for next year.  We'll have a new product called SERENADE. It is an OMRI approved fungicide which will save our tomato plants from the devistating leaf disease.  It's also good for roses, other flowers, fruits, veggies and lawns.  Go to and read about it.   Active ingredient is Bacillus subtilis. 

We've ordered mushroom growing kits for the spring.  They are way cool!  You sit them on your counter or anywhere out of the sun.  And voila!  You have mushrooms!  Cut them off the container, throw them in your gourmet meals and watch new ones grow.  How fun is that!  

Schultz planting soils with soil moist granules are back for next year.  Great for your annual pots and quite a bit less expensive than Miracle Gro soils.  

When reseeding the bare spots in your lawn, try using our Jonathan Green grass seed.  It's great!  If you have shade, the Dense Shade blend will really work wonders.  

Want to protect your evergreens from winterburn? And especially if you have evergreens planted in pots which will be exposed to winds in the winter, give them a spray of our antidessicant.  It will seal in the moisture and keep your plants green all winter.  We have the concentrate, which makes a gallon of spray for $3.50.  Such a deal! 

Here's a little tip for fellow dog owners.  If your dog unexpectedly gets skunked, this solution works.  Make a a concoction of 1 qt hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and a squirt of dish detergent.  Apply to the stinky body and let sit for 10 to 15 minutes.  Then shampoo.  Hopefully you won't need it but, when you do, you really do.  Yes, we did have the horrible experience the other day.  There's only a faint aroma now.  Whew!  

Have a great fall!  Our last official day of regular hours is November 1st.  After that, call ahead or catch us by chance.  616-886-1319 - Jan's cell. 

Jan and the Huntree Gang

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