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Greater Fennville chamber of Commerce Meeting Minutes: April 28, 2014
Posted: May 3, 2014

Revised, 5/2/14

Members Present:  Vice President Bill Busscher, Recording Secretary Sandi Busscher, Reba Peterson, Jodi Welscott, Linda Barnes and Ull Frederiksen.  Also Present,P. R. Rep. Mary Kaspczyk

  • Meeting Called to Order at 6:00  p.m. by Vice President Bill Busscher.  Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all.
  • Board Photo:  Mary took group photo of board members present at request of the board for inclusion in the  upcoming Community Guide.  Bill reported the resent resignation by Rob Nichol from Salt of the Earth from the Chamber board.    
  • Additions to Agenda:  Ulla suggested our board meetings begin with an “ice breaker” or “team building” exercise to assist in getting to know each other better.   Sandi stated that new board members will need Chamber Name Badges and offered to take care of obtaining as quickly as possible.
  • Prior Meeting Minutes:   Motion made by Linda, 2nd by Jodi to accept with approval by all.
  • Public Comments:  -
  • Treasurer Report:  Martha absent.  Martha presented reports via email.  Motion to accept by Ulla, 2nd by Sandi and approved by all.
  • Membership:  Mary reported  73 current members.  Ulla recommended all board members assist with recruitment of new members.   Mary and Ulla reported they are still in process of creating a membership survey.   The board discussed whether to wait until this is completed and results are in to hold strategic planning session but made decision that the planning session cannot wait any longer and needs to be done.  Results of survey will be evaluated by board when that project has been done.  Jodi offered her assistance on creating the survey if needed.   
  • Scholarship:  Reba reported that she assisted with the Fennville High School Scholarship Committee today in the selection of 2 qualified seniors to be awarded the $500 Greater Fennville Chamber of Commerce scholarships at the upcoming FHS Senior Awards Assembly.    Discussion was held and unanimous decision made by board to hold our 50/50 Drawings at our Summer Concert Series with all board members to assist as possible.
  • Events:  Erica Absent.   Reba reported the Easter Egg Hunt went well.  Jodi assisted at the event also and suggested a megaphone be obtained for future Easter Events.  Jodi noted that the DDA owns one (or similar item) and suggested we could possible borrow theirs.  Bill suggested a “thank you” be sent to Golden Orchards who hosted the event.  Sandi offered to take care of if necessary and will check with Erica to see if she was already doing.  Reba requested a budget to purchase a ribbon for the upcoming grand opening of Fernwood 1891 if ribbon was not on hand already.  Sandi made motion to approve up to $20 for purchase of ribbon, 2nd Ulla and approved by all.  Discussion held on where “giant” scissors used in previous years were for use with Jodi offering to try locate.
  • P.R. –Mary Kaspczyk:  Mary presented for approval to board the draft from The Flashes of the Community Guide.  All members present evaluated with  giving approval of various content in question by Mary as well as requesting the Membership Directory section be categorized and that personal contracts be made with members that have not renewed if possible.  Jodi and Sandi offered to make contacts on Tuesday morning and Sandi offered to finish categorizing the directory section and will have completed and sent to Mary by Tuesday afternoon to send to publishers.  Reba made a motion, 2nd by Jodi to allow Mary to receive final draft and approve upon her inspection for print and publication.  Motion approved by all.
  • Committees:  The board discussed the necessity of creating new committes with the following suggestions:  *Business Development (recruiting new businesses to the area)  /  * Marketing & Public Relations  /  *Scholarship & Fundraising  / *Events (with subcommittee for each separate event)  / *Banquet  / * Community Guide  / *Website  / *Membership Recruitment       
  • Strategic Planning:  Motion on floor by Sandi, 2nd by Jodi and approved by all in attendance to hold strategic planning session immediately following the May chamber board meeting.  Expressions of importance and dedication needed by all to hold this session as it has been ongoing for as long as 8 years and should not be held off any longer were made.  Ulla requested we have pizzas brought in for the board as we will be meeting during dinner time.  All agreed and Linda will take care of.  Sandi made note that our meeting for 4th Monday  of May falls on Memorial Day.  Discussion held to find alternative date.  Linda made motion to hold May meeting on Monday, May 19, 2014 at the Fennville DDA’s 220 Building if available or Fennville United Methodist Church, per Reba.  Motion supported by Jodi and approved by all.  Sandi secured location of the Fennville DDA’s 220 Building for May meetings.
  • Meeting Adjourned:  Motion made to adjourn at 8:17 by Linda, 2nd by Sandi and approved by all.

*Next Meeting:  Monday, May 19, 2014 @ Fennville DDA 220 Building, 220 Main St., Fennville

(Please note changes of date and location for May, 2014 meeting.

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