The Best Things to do at Fennville with your Kids

The Best Things to do at Fennville with your Kids

Fennville has always been an excellent place for friends and family to have a great time. The city in Michigan has good weather and can help you ease in with comfort. But due to the range of activities available, one might be confused to pick the right one. So to help you out, we have put together different kinds of activities that will help you and your kids to have the best time. Hence, to be more specific, here are the best things to do at Fennville with your kids.

1. Saugatuck Dune Rides

Known as a rollercoaster ride and beyond, the Saugatuck Dune Rides is quite famous for its adventurous take. Apart from being all about the fun, the trip also captures a lot of history and helps you make the most out of the entire experience. With an experienced rider along the journey, you can gain some knowledge about the place and even reach the destination safely. Since it is quite comfortable, people from all age groups can have fun with absolutely nothing to complain about.

2. Oval Beach

Why wouldn’t anyone not want to visit a beach that is known for its clean water and sand? Well, since the answer is an obvious one, you need to visit the Oval Beach. With excellent ratings, this particular place can promote the right feeling that one needs to relax and be comfortable. It is also quite accessible, so you need not be worried about getting there. But once you’re there, everyone from adults to kids will have an activity to perform. Hence make it a point to visit the Oval Beach.

3. Art Barn

Art Barn might be the first of its kind because you are allowed to explore. By all means, you can make your art, and they provide an 1880’s barn for the same. With various kinds of projects and materials, the place does know how to keep both adults and kids occupied for the rest of their lives. But for that purpose, one also needs to know their opening hours because they are not open throughout the year.

4. Sailing Saugatuck

With over two hours of both public and private tours, you can set sail all across Saugatuck. The sailing crew is highly equipped and aims to provide you with nothing but the best. As you keep sailing, the wind and the sun tend to be your companions as it makes way for an unforgettable experience. The costs of this journey are also minimal, and your kids will love it. So remember these activities and push the button for fun at Saugatuck with your loved ones.

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